The Healthier Alternative

PrintWest Coast Chill Pure Energy is The Healthier Alternative to Traditional Energy Drinks, which contains NO SUGAR, NO CAFFEINE, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.


West Coast Chill’s expansion into multi-location retailers has been fueled by the changing landscape in the energy drink sector. Today, more than ever, there is greater awareness by the consumer regarding the high amounts of caffeine and sugar contained by the current market leading energy drinks. Local, State, & Federal governmental agencies are scrambling to pass legislation that can limit how these companies go about their business. In addition, new data shows that diet soda drinkers are also flocking away from soft drinks as they are turned off by the side effects of artificial sweeteners. These consumers are also looking for a healthy alternative beverage. West Coast Chill Pure Energy’s growth has been from these consumers. The ability to sell to both current energy drink consumers and attracting those whom have previously avoided energy drinks, has been a great asset to the brand.


West Coast Chill, positioned as a Healthier Alternative brand, contains NO SUGAR, NO CAFFEINE, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, and is quickly emerging as the market leader in a rapidly changing energy drink landscape.

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